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    Ecotheology Course- November 14-18, 2016

    Join us for a week of intensive engagement in the connections between ecology and faith, at the beautiful Centre for Ministry in North Parramatta.  

    You can audit, or study for undergraduate credit through CSU.

    People of any denomination or none are very welcome to join us.

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  • Bible ecology sldBible and ecology seminar - 19 September

    In recent years, in the context of growing ecological awareness, biblical scholars have been working to move beyond human-focused perspectives and read the Bible with a deliberate sympathy for the wider Earth community. In this full-day webinar, we will hear from scholars around the country about reading the Bible through “ecological eyes”, and will practise applying such lenses to scripture. You are invited to join a hub in each state, or organise a small group in your local area to join in.

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  • SandigoFaith in a Basin Future

    “Faith in a Basin Future” is a community development project, working together with young people to foster vitality, resilience and sustainability in the Murray Darling Southern Basin.  It is a partnership between the Uniting Church and Catholic Earthcare Australia.

    Visit the FBF website or facebook page for more info

  • New-England-National-Park

    Mountains to Sea Youth Retreat Sep 26-29, 2016

    We are part of God’s reconciliation and renewal of the whole creation.

    Join in community, as we commune with God, and all the other creatures which live and move and have their being in God. Explore our connection to Creation. 

    18-30 year olds are invited to join the Moderator and Uniting Earth Ministry for a 3-day retreat, from the mountains to the sea in the glorious Mid North Coast. 

    Monday 26th to Thursday 29th September, travel inclusive.

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About Uniting Earthweb

Uniting Earthweb is a network of Uniting Church people within NSW and the ACT who work for a greater connection between ecology and Christian faith and practice, including through theological study, the arts, worship, and practical projects and campaigns.

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Church stories

How are congregations participating in God's reconciliation and renewal of creation?  Churches share their stories about taking action in words and pictures.  Includes community gardens, outdoor worship, solar panels, community events, water tanks, energy efficicency and more.

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Ideas for getting started

In your church and community
Practical ideas for taking action in your church or community – from worship resources, tools to help you reduce the ecological footprint of your buildings, through to community project ideas and advocacy suggestions.

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