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Articles with the tag: stewardship

Author: Posted: 31-Jul-2013 ( 266 days ago )

Nola Stewart, from the Castlecrag Uniting Church and St Thomas’ Anglican Church North Sydney, writes about the "Caring for the Creation" service and seminar which was held at Camperdown Stanmore Community Church on Sunday 7th July. more

Author: Posted: 25-Apr-2012 ( 728 days ago )

Listen to Rev Alistair Macrae doing a great interview on the climate show here.  It goes for about 15 minutes:... more

Author: Posted: 15-Oct-2010 ( 1286 days ago )

Nola Stewart, a member of Castlecrag Uniting Church and St Thomas’ Anglican Church North Sydney, gives her reflections on a "Caring for the Creation" studies workshop which she led and a conference on Population and Climate Change which she attended in Kampala, Uganda. more

Author: Posted: 25-May-2009 ( 1794 days ago )

A small ecumenical group, including members of Uniting Earthweb, spent some days together in early May in “ecological learning” in central western NSW. This included participation in an event on “Caring for Creation” organised by the Sisters of Mercy in Bathurst. Following that, we the group visit four Christian farmers, and learned about stewardship of the land in farming, and the various issues facing people in rural and regional areas. This article is a report on the experience. more

Author: Posted: 18-Feb-2009 ( 1890 days ago )

Sharks. As one of the most feared and maligned creatures on earth, sharks represent a group of creatures which are one... more

Author: Posted: 03-Dec-2008 ( 1967 days ago )

This text forms part of a presentation given by John Court at Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University, on 8 July 2006. John explores attitudes toward nature, and Christian "stewardship with nature" and "kinship with nature" approaches. more

Author: Posted: 01-Dec-2008 ( 1969 days ago )

(Professor) Robert Barry Leal reflects on Christian attitudes to nature, and particularly on the notion of "dominion" from Genesis 1. more