The UnitingEarth website is now supported and administered by the grass-roots Uniting Eco Group. Nothing that appears here is official Uniting Church NSW.ACT policy or theology, unless explicitly stated.

Uniting continues to support climate action through their Advocacy Unit, and the UCAN project. A link to that work, and any official Synod work, appears at the bottom of this page.

Uniting Eco Group will continue to resource the church in Earth sustaining advocacy, theology, worship, spirituality and action, through this web site, facebook page, facebook community, youtube channel and email list.

Many of you have appreciated our work in the past, which is what motivates us to keep going.  We will provide opportunities to support UnitingEarth, both by sharing your resources with us to share with others, and financially.

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Jan de Voogd’s legacy of compassion

Who was Jan de Voogd? Jan de Voogd was a Quaker peace activist, musician, teacher, sailor and boat builder. Born in Japan to Dutch parents, Jan spoke several languages and throughout his life lived in Japan, China, Canada, the USA, Holland and Australia. Jan grew up...

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2040 Net Zero

Read about Uniting NSW.ACT’s net zero by 2040 emission starget

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The NSWACT Synod does not have an up to date page, but you can read articles about our climate work via Insights magazine here