As the Season of Creation for 2022 draws to a close we all have the opportunity to actively respond to this time and to not allow this to become just another window of reflection without a concrete response. How have we engaged with this year’s theme which has been a strong call to “Listen to the Voice of Creation?” What steps will we take as individuals and communities to respond to this call and to proactively seek out ways to exercise our responsibility in caring for Creation?

One present and important opportunity is a new ministry that is being created by a group of people from the Uniting Church who have made great progress in developing a ministry role for a Forest Advocate. After spending much of this past year planning and a recent weekend field trip to the forests in the Bellingen region/Gumbaynggirr country, this ministry is actively seeking to end industrial native forest logging, as one means of caring for God’s creation and addressing the effects of climate change. This is a fantastic way of engaging with this Season, by actively contributing to this important work. For more information about this ministry, please check out

Please support this ministry by donating towards the establishment of this work through and circulate this information through your channels. This role will offer support to forest friends and protectors, engage the wider church in the importance of caretaking our environment (especially forests) and provide key resources for connecting with Creation.

We also invite you to share this information video through your social media platforms, email groups and in your worship gatherings.

For other ways to help protect God’s precious forests, see