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The Uniting Church has a commitment to the environment, both because social justice and the integrity of the environment are linked, and because the environment has intrinsic value.

We believe that God, as the Creator of the universe, calls humanity into a relationship of mutuality and interdependence with the Creation. God’s will for the Earth is renewal and reconciliation, not destruction by human beings.

We are particularly concerned about human-induced climate change. Climate change is a serious threat to the integrity of life on Earth, now and for future generations. We are especially engaged in supporting our vulnerable neighbours in the Pacific.

Urgent action to secure a safe climate for all is essential.

The Synod has established five Task Groups to support its Climate Action Strategy. Through these Task Group church members and Uniting staff can take action for a safe climate, either by joining the groups, using their resources, or attending their events.

The Task Groups are supported by our Uniting Earth Advocates, who are part of the Uniting Advocacy Team.

Here are some printable resources to help you and your congregation get involved in the Climate Action Strategy, and to explain to others why Climate Action is a core part of Christian discipleship.

Key facts

A two page summary of what is happening, the task groups we have formed to respond, and how to join them.

Get involved

Other ways you can get involved in the church’s service of the reconciliation and renewal of the whole Creation.

Why the church is acting

…we are called to serve God’s mission of the “coming reconciliation and renewal which is the end in view for the whole creation.” (Basis of Union)

Bible Verses

A sample of bible verses celebrating God’s loving relationship with the whole of Creation.

A worship resource

We have many worship resources on this site, here’s a simple one at your fingertips.

Or get all of the above in one simple single file

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