Beyond Fossil Fuels

Australia holds significant deposits of fossil fuels, particularly coal and gas. Mining and burning these fuels is a significant contribution to contribution to climate change, and is also impacting on the communities and ecosystems where they are located. Access the resources in this section of the website to learn about the issues and how you can respond.

forest canopy

Coal Mining Brochure

“Coal mining: Why does the church care? How can you respond?” Produced by Uniting Eco Group, with the support of Uniting Earth Ministry.

Coal and Gas in Your Community: A Mission Study Guide

Produced by Uniting Earth Ministry to help churches engage in mission in the context of proposed coal and gas projects. It is a response to congregations asking for help with resources to understand and respond to the significant increase in mining projects across NSW in recent years.

Coal Seam Gas

“Coal seam gas: What is it? Why does the church care? How can you respond?” Produced by Uniting Eco Group and Uniting Earth Ministry.

Solarising Churches Guide

A resource for churches interested in generating their own electricity from the sun.

Make the Switch

Are you looking for a simple, effective environmental action? Make the switch to renewables! Choose a power company that is supporting a stronger framework to shift electricity generation away from fossil fuels.

Uniting Church Divestment

In April 2013, a resolution was passed by the Uniting Church Synod of NSW & ACT to divest from fossil fuels and invest in renewable energy. The proposal was an initiative of Uniting Eco Group, and was ground-breaking for mainline Australian churches at the time.