Make the Switch

Are you looking for a simple, effective environmental action? Make the switch to renewables! Choose a power company that is supporting a stronger framework to shift electricity generation away from fossil fuels.

Why is Uniting Earth encouraging the switch?

The Uniting Church in Australia has a longstanding commitment to the environment, both to ensure that the poor and future generations have enough resources to meet their needs, and because God’s creation is good, in and of itself. The church believes that God calls humanity into a relationship of mutuality and interdependence with the creation. God’s will for the earth is renewal and reconciliation, not destruction by human beings.

The church is deeply concerned about the serious threat of climate change to the future and integrity of life on earth, and especially the impacts on vulnerable communities such as those in the Pacific.

In 2013, the Synod of NSW/ACT was a leader in the still growing campaign to divest stocks and shares from fossil fuel corporations. Other synods, the Assembly and a growing number of churches followed suit, and attracted considerable media interest. It was a “light to the nation” moment of which we can be justly proud.

Now you can be involved, as a congregation or individual. The idea to join the “Make the Switch” campaign came out of the “open space” sessions at Synod 2016. We are calling on you to make your own switch from fossil fuels to renewables.

Switch away from the “Dirty Three”

Origin Energy, EnergyAustralia and AGL provide electricity to over three quarters of Australian households. These companies sometimes market themselves as environmentally conscious, but their “green” initiatives are relatively small compared to their investments in coal and gas generation. Shareholder activism at AGL in 2022 has resulted in changes in directors on the AGL board, which should speed up the hitherto slow pace of change to renewable energy assets in this company.

By switching away from these providers you can be part of a campaign that puts pressure on them to clean up their act, stop investing in dirty power from fossil fuels, and seriously support renewable energy.

How to make the switch

We have three suggested actions:

1. Choose your power provider, and switch

Use the Green Electricity Guide by Greenpeace. It gives a star-rating, ranking electricity retailers, with the top ranking companies being the ones making the best efforts to bring renewable energy to their customers.

2. Let your old company know you’ve made the switch

Perhaps consumer power will have an effect, and they might be motivated to change.

3. Invite others to join you

What if your church switched, and you wrote a letter to the editor explaining why and encouraging others to join you? Or write your own as an individual. Talk to friends.

What more can I do?

If you’ve already made the switch or are looking to take a next step, here are some ideas:
Join the solar citizens campaign:
Put solar on your roof:
Invest in a local community renewable energy project: