Congregation/Individual Emissions

This group works to promote and encourage congregations to reduce their carbon footprint. This includes supporting initiatives such as the Five Leaf Eco Awards, a non-competitive set of awards that recognises congregations that take environmental action, and provides a stepped participation process.·

 This group is also collaborating with the Synod Emission Task Group to provide individuals and congregations with ways they can reduce carbon emissions on a larger scale.

Ways to lower your church’s footprint

–  Conduct an energy audit of your church building
–  Swap your paper pew sheet for an electronic newsletter
–  Switch to energy efficient lighting and LEDs
– Switch to Green Power with your energy provider
– Install solar panels
– Install insulation, double glazing or window film
–  Regenerate bushland near your church
– Start a community garden

For more ideas, stories of what other churches have done, and to apply for awards, visit:

Hear more about what churches have done

Watch Uniting Earth Advocate, Jessica Morthorpe, talk about what Australian churches are doing for the environment.

Neigbourhood Night- Living the Change
In a time of quarantine, online fellowship, racial injustice, intensifying storms, and mass migration, holding space to act on climate change can feel overwhelming. Taking the first step is critical but sometimes it is difficult to know where to start.
This Season of Creation, we worked in partnership with Epping Uniting to hold a special climate themed Neighbourhood Night, and join a range of speakers talking about different ways we can take responsibility, and live in a way that supports and sustains our common home -Planet A


Kristy Walters is from the Community Power Agency. The Community Power Agency is a not-for-profit organisation with expertise that enables and advocates for community energy. They have supported more than 50 community energy groups to develop and deliver their own clean energy projects.


Peter Jones manages the Bike Shed, whose primary activities including providing safe and roadworthy bikes to disadvantaged people, including refugees, but also to the local public. The blokes at The Shed also recycle any old and discarded bikes to help raise funds to purchase materials needed to repair bikes. Money from the shed has been funding many other community programs managed by Blackwood Uniting and creating a sustainable model in more ways than one

Ethical Investing

Matthew Moore is Head of Ethical Investments at Uniting Financial Services, which is the Treasury and Investments arm of the Uniting Church’s NSW & ACT Synod. He has responsibility for managing Uniting Financial Services’ balance sheet, Ethical Diversified Fund and is the champion for the Church’s ethical investment policy and implementation. He has been with UFS for 20 years He is was a key member of the team that implemented the Synod’s 2013 decision to divest from fossil fuel companies in their investment portfolios.
He currently represents UFS on the NSW & ACT Synod Ethical Investments Monitoring Committee and the Assembly Investment Committee.


Alice is a teacher and zero-waster who experienced her ecological conversion after reading the papal encyclical Laudato Si. In Lent of 2018, she gave up 40 things to reduce waste and she hasn’t stopped since! She decided to share her journey on her facebook page Overturn The Tables and now runs workshops for parishes and schools to help them on their own ecological conversion journey. Alice is also affiliated with ARRCC, Catholic Earth Care and Catholic Mission. here’s the link to Alice’s FB page


Individual actions to reduce your carbon emissions and lighten your footprint on Earth.

Emissions Reduction Booklet

Click here for more information on reducing emissions in HOME, CHURCH, TRANSPORT and DIET.

You can also calculate your carbon footprint with this calculator.

Then visit the Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) website to make a pledge about how you are going to reduce your emissions.