NSW.ACT Synod Climate Action Conference


March 20, 2021

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Synod Climate Strategy Task Groups

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Since the passing of the Synod resolution in 2019 five task groups have been delivering on the Synod Climate Action Strategy. Hear their successes, lessons and challenges to our conference

Keynote Speech

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A change is going to come. Learn from Chris Gambian about the climate landscape, the challenges and opportunities for positive change and what it will take to elevate this moment and make a real difference.


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Prof. Hahrie Han specialises in the study of organising, movements, civic engagement, and democracy. Her work unpacks what it takes to be a successful, impactful organisation for postive climate action. Watch her interview especially recorded for our 2021 Synod Climate Action Conference.

Leave No-one Behind – Workers and Climate


What does it mean to transition with justice away from Fossil Fuels? How can we build a movement for change with impacted workers? Learn from the Hunter Job Alliance, who are doing just that!

Faith and Politics – Faith Based Action on Climate


As we care for God’s creation what can we learn from other faith organisations’ strategic direction and priorities?

The Australian Religious Response to Climate Change (ARRCC) has provided faith-based leadership in the area of climate action for thirteen years. Thea will share her own beliefs around the special role faith-based organisations can play in the fight to tackle climate change. She will recount what approaches have led to the most fruitful outcomes and what ARRCC has learned from mistakes. Thea will also outline briefly ARRCC’s plan for the remainder of 2021.

Jane will outline key activities of Common Grace’s Creation and Climate Justice Team to engage church communities and the reasons they have been adopted. She will highlight Christians Together for Climate, a joint campaign with Tearfund Australia demonstrating to federal politicians everyday Christians’ concern for tackling the climate crisis, and touch on the Knit Together for Climate project, Season of Creation and prayer vigils.

Building Bridges to Make Real Change


How did an unlikely alliance of farmers, environmentalists, grandmothers, Indigenous leaders, small business owners and firies work together to stop the building of gas fields and wells around them? Activists from two regional areas will share with you their perspectives, experiences and lessons from their grassroots “David and Goliath” campaigns

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Pacific Perspectives on What it Takes to Address the Climate Crisis


Re-weaving the ecological mat Rev Dr Upolu Vaai argues that current approaches to development are based on narrow views of profit and growth that exploit the natural world. In the Pacific and elsewhere, a new story is needed, one that pays attention to indigenous understandings and spiritualities of the sacredness and interconnection of all life. The Re-weaving the ecological mat framework is such a story. It challenges us, in responding to climate change, to act on the truth that the wellbeing of humans and the whole environment are inextricably linked within the Pacific household of God vision.

Am I not your (Tu)akoi – neighbour? In this short presentation theology student Maina Talia explores how unpacking the word Tuakoi – neighbour (tu-culture) + (akoi – compassionate) can animate an action-oriented response to climate change. It is a term used and understood in all cultures and possesses a specific biblical and indigenous reference point – the good Samaritan and Muna o te Fale (Indigenous Knowledge).


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First Nations Perspective and Climate Justice


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people hold sovereignty over their lands that was never ceded. Explore First Nations perspectives on climate justice and learn how care for country can lead us in our work on climate action.

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Youth Leadership in Climate Action


Young people took to the streets and changed our struggle for climate action. What does it take to build a movement of young people and how can we step out of the way and give them the space to lead?

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Reimagining Our World for Climate Action


Inspired by the global Green New Deal, and motivated by the interconnected health, economic, race and climate crises revealed by COVID-19, we urgently need to reimagine how our economy and government work. How can Australians from all walks of life come together to map a new course for our economy and our climate?
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Living the Change and Extending Our Role


Living the change is about the main ways individuals and households can reduce their emissions, such as diet, energy use, transport and simply buying less stuff. Thea will provide information on which changes lead to the highest environmental benefits and why, focussing on impactful actions the Uniting Church might encourage members to take. Some consideration will be given to policy implications and what steps government can take to support individual lifestyle change.

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