Be part of Uniting’s action on climate change

Start Living the Change

As people of faith and spirit, we are deeply grateful for the Earth. Yet we know that nature is out of balance and feel a responsibility to respond. We want our lives to reflect our values, avoiding excess and embracing sufficiency.

Reducing the impact of our consumption is a spiritual challenge. By Living the Change, we engage this struggle with joy as part of our response to climate change. Find out more

Encourage your Council to join the City Power Partnership

The community is driving council to join the City Power Partnership to accelerate climate action around Australia. Local councils who join the partnership make five action pledges in either renewable energy, efficiency, transport or working in partnership to tackle climate change. Find out more

Stand beside youth climate action

The NSW.ACT Synod is comitted to supporting young people’s climate action, including the School Strikes.  Find out how to get involved.

Get a church climate banner!

Displaying a banner is a simple way for congregations to express their concerns publically and show support for the Synod Climate Action Strategy. Get one of the 50 free banners we have to give away! Email Jon O’Brien at Uniting [email protected]

Get green with your carbon footprint

Everyone is talking about carbon footprints these days. What is your church’s carbon footprint? More importantly, do you know how to use your carbon footprint to improve both the environment and your church’s environmental communications? Find out more

Help lower Synod's Emissions (Uniting, Agencies, Schools)

In recent years Synod has passed a number of resolutions relating to the impact of climate change and the environmental initiatives being undertaken across Uniting. Uniting was among those who led the way when the fossil fuel divestment movement began. The Synod is making improvements to reduce emissions across buildings, services and operations. 

Don't feel alone- Hold a Climate Conversation Circle

If climate change if causing you or a close friend and loved one anxiety, you’re not alone. The news and big events like  bushfires are a harsh reality that bring our worst fears to a very, very near future, leaving many of us feeling rattled, hopeless, even depressed. Join or use our guide to run a climate conversation circle. What we must  talk about is how we feel about loss, what we grieve, what we want to protect, and the ways we can join with others to heal our world and ourselves.

Spend time in nature

During this time of uncertainty, disruption to normal routines, and social distancing, nature can offer a sense of peace and relief, as well as hope. Start a sit spot or get some ideas from us on how to spend creatively time in nature with your kids. 

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Join Uniting Eco Group

The Uniting Eco Group (UEG) is a sub-group of Uniting Earthweb members. The UEG promotes ecological reflection and action within and through various initiatives in and of the church, as central to Christian faith and practice.

Help us organise

If you'd like to go that step further and volunteer your time to be part of the inner workings of Uniting's Climate Action, we'd love to have you! Find out more about each of our taskgroups.