Green Your Church

Tips to get started

Practical ideas for taking action in your church or community ranging from worship resources, tools to help you reduce the ecological footprint of your buildings, through to community project ideas and advocacy suggestions.

forest canopy

How to "Earth" the Life of Your Local Church

Ideas for working for a stronger connection between ecology and Christian faith and practice in all of its aspects.

An "Ecological" Congregation

Support your congregation to integrate environmental actions into their everyday lives:

  • make changes at home
  • share possessions and skills in your congregation
  • run a fruit and vegetable box scheme at your church
  • reduce your meat consumption

"Green" Your Church's Buildings and Electricity

Tools to help you to measure and reduce the amount of resources your church uses.  Includes ideas and resources for energy and water.

Mission and Outreach

Build connections beyond your local church:

  • Events with an ecological focus
  • Build relationships with other local groups
  • Community gardening