Bible study resources and presentations by Nola Stewart, from Castlecrag Uniting Church and St Thomas’ Anglican Church North Sydney. Nola was previously a science teacher and a missionary in PNG.

Caring for the Creation: A series of three Bible studies

Warm greetings to the Reader of these studies. May you and God’s Creation be blessed through your study of them.

In Study 1, we affirm that “The Earth is the Lord’s: and look at how we may give God the glory for the whole of His Creation.

In Study 2, we recorgnise our need to come closer to Jesus, in order to renew our attitudes towards God’s good Creation. It is He who brings about repentance in us.

In Study 3, we seek dependence on God’s Holy Spirit to enable us who are a part of the Church to right past wrongs and to allow the restoration of God’s amazing world.

Three words may be used to summaries these studies: Affirmation, Confession and Regeneration.

Download the Caring for the Creation Bible studies

Caring for the Creation: What the Bible says presentation

This presentation of approximately 30 slides also includes presentation notes to help you present to your church or group. It was originally presented at a worship and seminar day in 2013 organised by the “Caring for Creation Working Group” (CCWG) of the Uniting Church’s ACC (Assembly of Confessing Congregations).

You may also be interested in a presentation about population, from a later CCWG worship and seminar day in 2014.

Download the presentation Biblical Basis for Caring for Creation: What the Bible Says

Download the presentation Numbers Matter: Population – Local and Global – A Biblical Approach

The Biblical basis for caring for the Creation: Implications for Issues relating to Population, Global Warming and Tackling Biodiversity Loss

Ever been to a Science conference where a religious input by speakers was permitted? You can check the following YouTube link for a contributing presentation to one such conference:

A religious input to a Science conference is exactly what was invited at the 10th annual conference of the Oxford Round Table on “Environment, Sustainability and Climate Change,” in Oxford, England. All who attended were invited to present a Paper.

The title I chose was, “The Biblical Basis for Caring for the Creation – Implications for Population, Global Warming and Tackling Biodiversity Loss.” Attending the conference in Oxford was an invaluable experience, because of the calibre of the people I met there, the knowledge gained across disciplines and the support I received for my own presentation. I hope you enjoy the presentation and feel free to use it with your own church groups. The slides themselves may be downloaded and a script to go with them if you would like to give the talk as a PowerPoint presentation.

Download presentation Part A: The biblical basis for creation care

Download presentation Part B: Human numbers linked to environmental degradation via the economy

Download presentation Part C: What is more effective: to reduce population or per capita consumption?

Download script to accompany the slides.