Download the brochure Coal mining: Why does the church care? How can you respond?

Produced by Uniting Eco Group, with the support of Uniting Earth Ministry. Last updated July 2023.

Selected contents

Why the Uniting Church cares

The Uniting Church has a longstanding commitment to the environment because God’s creation has value in and of itself.

Furthermore, damage to the environment invariably harms human and other life forms and those farthest from the centres of power often suffer the most. The Uniting Church is particularly concerned about human-induced climate change.

Coal and its uses

Thermal coal.

Metallurgical coal.

Australia is the world’s largest exporter of metallurgical coal and the 2nd largest exporter of thermal coal.

The problem with burning coal

Burning coal releases carbon dioxide and contributes to climate change.

Continuing along the path of burning massive amounts of coal is not sustainable. Scientists have calculated that 60-80% of known reserves are “unburnable” if the world is to avoid dangerous global warming of 2oC or more.

Other coal mining concerns

Unsustainable coal projects crowd out jobs.

Coal mining has major impacts on local ecosystems and human communities.

A vision of creation care

God, as creator of the universe, calls humanity into a relationship of mutuality and interdependence with the rest of creation. God’s will for the earth is renewal and reconciliation, not destruction by human beings.

Play a part – personally and publicly

Take action to reduce your, and your church’s or community group’s, reliance on coal.

Support social and political movements looking to drive a structural shift in our economy away from coal to renewable and other energy sources.

Download the brochure Coal mining: Why does the church care? How can you respond?

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