Pastor Ray Minniecon, from the Uniting Aboriginal and Island Christian Congress encourages us to think of all God’s creatures as family. Video sermon:

He also encourages us to reflect on the relationship between first and second peoples in Australia, and wonders whether we should stick to saying “Creator” instead of “God” to emphasise God’s nature.  He invites us “back to the beginning,” to remember the goodness of creation, and to remember that salvation is something for God’s whole earth, not just our individual souls.

This liturgy assumes that you are participating online in some form, but is easily adapted for use in a physically gathered group. Sentences in italics are comments to the worship leader.

The liturgy is designed so that you can pick it up and run with it straight out of the box, clicking on the video links as you get to them.  If you have more time for preparation, of course, feel free to edit, adapt, and use whatever parts you find helpful.