Several ‘sermon’ suggestions can be found in the liturgy, if you dont just want to listen to God and life. Fifteen years ago Jason started a worshipping community in Adelaide which met outside each week, to see how meeting out in creation, out amongst all of life, could enhance our relationship with the God of all Life.

The original six-week series, open to all, became a regular gathering of mostly Christians, most of them ex church attenders. 

The liturgy was kept relatively open, so that in the individual prayers and reflection, and in the sharing times people could share their own faith journey or insights, and encourage each other in theirs.  It was also intended to give space for God to speak directly to people through all the living things around them, which live and breathe and have their being in God.  The strong focus on what the story of evolution had to say to the church gave way over time to a more general connection with creation.

This is an adaptation for online use, of the original six-week liturgy, which itself constantly evolved in response to the needs of the group and the wider context.

Ideally you want people to take their phones or laptops outside.  If that isn’t possible, there is a ten minute section where people go outside, or look out a window before regathering.

There are no responsive sections, just a time for sharing, so one person can print the liturgy and guide the others.

Of course, adapt it freely.