A resource for churches interested in generating their own electricity from the sun.

Solarising Churches: A Practical Guide for Uniting Churches in NSW was published by the Uniting Eco Group in 2010 as a resource for people interested in generating power from the sun.

The information in the guide is no longer current due to changes in legislation and developments in the renewable industry. However the guide may still provide useful information for churches.

Are you interested in reducing your church’s reliance on fossil fuels and contribution to climate change?

One way to do this is to generate your own solar electricity. Developments in government policy have now put this within the financial reach of more churches in NSW. Thanks to the State Government’s new gross feed-in tariff, owners of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems can now receive a premium for all of the renewable electricity that they produce. There has never been a better time for churches in NSW to go solar.

What are the other benefits of going solar?

A solar PV system on your church’s roof would:

  • Be a concrete, practical expression of your church’s environmental responsibility and concern
  • Provide an opportunity to engage with congregants and the local community on environmental issues
  • Protect your church from inevitable increases in electricity costs

How much will a solar system cost?

Our calculations suggest that solar PV systems up to 10 kilowatts in size pay for themselves in less than seven years. After this time, they earn an income for the church.

What is included in the Solarising churches guide?

The Solarising Churches guide includes:

  • Information about solar PV systems
  • Planning considerations
  • Solar system finances, including information on incentives and indicative costs
  • Guidance for choosing an installer
  • Information relevant to households as well as to churches

What about solar hot water?

Another way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with your church’s buildings is to install solar hot water or a heat pump at your church’s manse. The guide provides information about planning, costs and suppliers/installers.

Download Solarising Churches: A Practical Guide for Uniting Churches in NSW