WarOnWaste (Jessica Morthorpe)

Our breath connects us with the whole of God’s Creation

This is one of Jessica’s favourite sermons, where she talks about the War on Waste (especially plastic), our frugal God and the Christian call to lead the world’s care for Creation!

Click anywhere on this text to download a PDF or DOCX of the “worship in a box” resource, which will let you jump straight into an online worship gathering, using Jess’s video as the reflection.

Banner photo by Antoine GIRET on Unsplash

World Environment Day Resources

World Environment Day is a United Nations event that reminds us to take action to conserve and protect our natural environment.

World Environment Day celebrates its 20th anniversary on 5th of June 2020.

Churches often celebrate World Environment Day on one of the closest Sundays, for example, Sunday 7th of June 2020. 

This year, Uniting Earth is encouraging churches to remember the devastating bushfires earlier this year, to pray for those impacted by the fires and to take action climate change, the impacts of which made these fires so unprecedented.

To help you celebrate in worship, here are some resources: 

* Trigger warning: powerful bushfire images* 

Videos from Doctors for the Environment Australia



More Bushfire Prayers and Info


Learn more about our climate campaign and how to help


Simple Climate Change Worship

A simple liturgy on the theme of climate change to use anytime.