On May 15, we are asking all our Uniting networks to please make a short video (30 seconds or less) in support of the Online Climate Strike, finishing the sentence,

“I support a safe climate future for all, because…”

How to make your video:

 1. Think about how you’d like to finish the sentence “I support a safe climate future for all, because…”

2. Find a quiet spot, and use a microphone if you can to improve the sound quality. 

3. Film on your phone (landscape) or on a laptop/iPad. Or make a Facebook Live video.

4. Post your video on all your social media channels with:

a) the hashtags #uniting4climate and #onlineclimatestrike (searching for these hastags later will let you see all the videos everyone else has posted)

b) tagging your MP (Member of Parliament). This means putting @theirname at the end of the post. For guidance on how to check who your MP is, visit here:




5. Challenge your friends to make a video too! eg. I nominate @name

If you’re having any difficulty at all, feel free to contact Uniting Earth. 

If you are after inspiration, or some short videos to share with your friends or congregation, we have a selection here: